Berne Staff:

The Habeggers, Alan, Mike and Brian, believe the combined construction experience of their staff will help you answer any question whether it be large or small! They invite you to get to know the team below!

Front Counter Team
The front counter is the place to go for your everyday projects. Zach, Connie, Allison and Steph are a qualified team to help you with your next paint project to yard project to house project. With over 20 years of experience at Habeggers this team is ready to answer your questions! Need help with a paint project or a tool that needs fixed? Zach is our paint and tool specialist. Steph is our inventory specialist. Also, Connie and Allison are our sales assistants with a wealth of knowledge to share with you!

Back Counter Team
The back counter is the hub for contractor sales or those larger projects. Radar, Beebs, Rocky, Alex, or Eric will be more than happy to help answer any of your questions. Combined they have been with Habeggers for more than 30 years with a combined 60 years of construction experience. Need help with replacement windows or new windows? Need a new kitchen or bathroom? Beebs is the guy to see. Need help with a rental or return? Radar is who you want to see. Need advice on heating, cooling, plumbing or electrical? Rocky will help you out! Alex is the new guy on the block, but he has experience from working in construction and some of his own house flip projects! Eric has worked here before in the mill room then worked construction before coming back to work for us. He can help with projects big and small! All five of these guys can help you with contractor sales and will get your next project started strong!

Joyce and Paul are our behind the scenes team. Joyce is our office manager. They can be found helping customers out on the floor from time to time as well. Paul is our IT specialist and receiving coordinator. They combine for over 50 years of keeping the place running.

Agricultural Sales Team
Our ag sales team consists of Rocky, Zach and Kathy. From new buildings to old, our team can help you with your agricultural needs.

Mill Room/Installed Sales
Need a custom mill project done? Window screen replaced? Bath and Kitchen Remodel? Mike K. is our woodworking and construction specialist. He’s been with us for over 30 years.

Yard Team
Jay and Bucky are our yard guys. These guys do the heavy lifting! They will help you load your vehicle or deliver whatever you need straight to the job site. Need a job from the mill? These guys can also help you out.        

Bluffton Staff:

The Frauhigers, Steve, Jeremy and Jesse, are proud to call Habegger’s of Bluffton Home. After 17 years of running their own construction company, Hobby Shop, they know the in’s and out’s of the construction business. They invite you to get to know their team below!

Ron spent 15 years at the Berne store before transferring to the Bluffton location! He brings 21+ years of construction experience. Starting in the construction field at a young age and growing with the ever-changing construction and building industry has equipped Ron with valuable insights in all aspects of our retail operations. Adept at all functions; recommending the right ACE hardware or paint products, compiling a materials list for your projects, explaining why our windows and doors are right for you, or interpreting a product’s warranty, makes Ron Habegger ACE Lumber’s valuable resource to provide you with the answer to your questions.

Jeremiah started working with us having 5 years of construction experience. He is working the front counter, becoming a paint specialist, and doing special orders. He is here to help all customers who come in!

Brian. Along with becoming a paint specialist, he’s our guy that keeps in stock whatever our customers are looking for. He’s in and out of the store everyday creating orders to make sure that our yard is stocked and full. Thanks for all yo do to keep our yard up and going!      

We like to refer to Kylie as our “in-house beautification associate.” Kylie’s responsibility is to keep us looking good to all who visit us daily, as well as those who grace our doors for the first time. We at Habegger’s ACE Lumber believe that first impressions are lasting impressions. On that premise, Kylie has one of the most important jobs in our business. If you like what you see, don’t thank us. Find Kylie and thank him!

Brittany started with us in 2006 after working for another cabinet company. She quickly proved her ability to listen and relate to customers’ needs. Available Tuesday and Wednesday 9-3 and Thursday and Friday by appointment. Brittany’s love is working on the higher end jobs that require considerable customization. Along with her cabinetry design expertise, she is also involved with interior design and color coordination.

Sarah is now training on the 2020 design program that most cabinet manufactures use. She’s also in training to masterfully show you exactly what your kitchen, bath, office, or closets will look like. She will assist you with anything from the most economical cabinets for your shop or garage, to a fully custom cabinet system for your home!

Quinn is the guy who keeps us rolling: on the road, in the yard, and in the buildings. His shop is his domain and from those shop doors come clean and well-maintained trucks; A thankless task because everyone else’s job is to create more work for him! He is an all-around mighty handy man to have on a staff who works hard at keeping their image polished. Thanks Lance!

 Alex, Zach and Drew, are the guys in the yard that make sure you get the material you ordered correctly and on time. They provide the skills, knowledge, and power that keeps this company running. Our “yard guys,” although they work outside, are our friends, comrades, and a very special part of the Habegger’s ACE family. When you meet them, you will feel the same!

Val keeps the place running. We are thrilled to have someone managing our office affairs that we have total trust and faith in. Managing billing, accounts receivable, accounts payable, insurance, employee benefits, and general secretarial is a job we are elated Val is here to do, so we can spend more time serving you. Cherie helps Val with filing customer invoices and end of the month statements. She receives our weekly ace order and makes sure we receive everything we place on order.

Leon is our “Mill Guy” with 25 years of woodworking experience! He can do any size mill project from cuts to cabinets. He does screen and window repair, cabinets, closets, and installations. Basically a little bit of everything! Stop in and see Leon for your next project!

As you can see, our team is a well rounded group! When not at work, they enjoy farming, wood turning, woodworking, spending time with their families, hunting, gardening, yard work, camping, golfing, boating, 4 wheeling, and more! They enjoy life and bring that energy into helping meet our customer’s needs!

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